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Fast and effective - Not only in concrete

Bionic SDS-plus


Diameters: 4mm - 26mm (Total Length: 110mm - 1400mm)

SDS PlusBionic SDS-Plus1 

Fast and effective - Not only in concrete!
  • Long service life and low probability of breakage even on impact with reinforcements, thanks to the highly effective technique of hardening by blasting 
  • Tungsten carbide cutting edge with cutting tooth profile for effective grinding of the drilling material 
  • High drilling speed thanks to wide Twinmax spiral 
  • Optimum low-vibration drilling protects the user 
  • Certified by the Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer (PGM) in accordance with the requirements of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) 

Innovation Bionic PC Cutting Edge

The Bionic PC-cutting edge (power concentration) for particularly DEMANDING challenges, sizes above 12 mm drill bit diameter have new and improved tips. Thanks to the inserted tip and aggressive cutting outline, even the most demanding of drilling applications through concrete and reinforced concrete is not a problem. The Bionic PC-cutting edge for optimized performance in hard materials. Rely on the Bionic even when drilling into rebar.



12 solid reasons for choosing the Heller Bionic SDS-plus Hammer Drill Bit:

  1. High speed and aggressive performance! 
  2. Maximum service life! 
  3. Ideal drilling performance and perfect centring! 
  4. Suitable for drilling through concrete reinforcement! 
  5. Quiet, minimal vibration drilling process! 
  6. Minimal degree of wear and tear of cutting edge and spiral! 
  7. Optimal removal of drilling dust! 
  8. No blow out effect! 
  9. Ideal impact energy performance! 
  10. Minimum susceptibility to breakage! 
  11. High bending flexibility! 
  12. Can be used in all types of stone and concrete! 

We are always improving on our best:

Aggressive & Solid 

The Bionic cutting edge has been optimised for the most demanding applications in concrete & stone. Even reinforced concrete is not a problem for the aggressive carbide cutting edge. The biting Bionic gear-tooth profile and the lateral grinding zones ensure the quickest drilling procedure. An ideal drilling performance and perfect centring feature are ensured via the integrated double point.


Quick & Effective

The patented Twinmax-spiral guarantees an optimal removal of drilling dust through an alternating narrow and wide rear. The highest drilling speed through optimal impact energy performance is a result of the computer-aided Twinmax design. In addition, the Bionic bits can excel during drilling runs that are quiet and have minimum vibration.

Hard, But flexible 

The special HST-curing process ensures an ideal surface texture: The Bionic shows only a minimum susceptibility of breakage under the most demanding applications – even when impacting with reinforced concrete. It is ideal for even long bits: The HST curing process simultaneously guarantees a high bending flexibility without the risk of breakage.

Bionic SDS-plus hammer drill – The best in every way:

* Maximum life
* Fastest in the category
* Very reliable in reinforced concrete
Innovation – PC cutting edge with the Bionic Power Concentration

Bionic SDS-plusBionic - Cutting edgeBionic - Cutting Edge      


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