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Heavy Duty Screw Anchor for Concrete and Masonry

Titen HD SCrew Anchor  Serrated teeth on the tip of the Titen HD® screw anchor facilitate cutting and reduce installation torque.

Proprietary Heat Treating Process

The proprietary design of the threads on the Titen HD anchor hold the key to its performance. During installation, hardened cutting teeth at the tip of the anchor undercut the concrete allowing the rest of the threads to follow with very little friction. The result is a continuous mechanical interlock between the anchor and base material that requires little installation torque.


  • Structural Steel 
  • Strut and Pipe Hangers 
  • Subway Cassions 
  • Junction Boxes and Control Panels 
  • Machinery and Equipment 
  • Tilt-up Panel Braces 
  • Concrete Formwork and Bracing 
  • Material Handling: Racking, Mezzanines, Conveyors 
  • Access Equipment: Ladders, Staircases 
  • Furniture and Storage 
  • Safety Equipment: Guardrails, Railings, Fencing 
  • Mudsills and Ledgers 


ETAG Option-1, ETA-12/0060

Performance Features:

  • Reduced Installation Time: No secondary setting or torquing is required. Just drive it and you’re done. Install more anchors per hour and reduce labor costs. 
  • Reduced Installation Torque: Testing shows that when compared with other screw-type anchors, the Titen HD anchor requires 50% less torque to be installed in concrete. The serrated teeth on the lead threads facilitate cutting, enabling the user to install the anchor faster with less fatigue. 
  • Cut Your Drill Bit Inventory: The Titen HD anchor requires NO SPECIAL DRILL BITS. It is designed to install in standard metric sized holes so there are no “matched tolerance” drill bits to be purchased separately. 
  • Cut Down on Tools: Just an impact or socket wrench is all you need for installation. No need for separate tools to drive and set the anchor. 
  • Eliminate The Hassle of Removal: Since the Titen HD anchor is easy to remove, it is ideal for temporary anchoring or applications where fixtures may need to be moved. No torching or grinding is required after removaleliminating possible corrosion and rust stains. 
  • Avoid Lost Washers and Protruding Studs: The hex washer head eliminates the need for a separate washer and provides a clean look after installation. 
  • No Inspection Hassles: Because it is not an expansion anchor, there are no installation torque requirements to verify with the Titen HD anchor. It also has the Simpson Strong-Tie “=/ ” sign along with the anchor length and diameter stamped into the head, making post installation inspection a snap. 

Superior Performance:

  • Higher Load Capacity: Rather than one expansion area, the Titen HD anchor has threads along the entire length of the anchor that undercut the base material to efficiently transfer the load. 
  • Vibration and Shock Resistance: The mechanical interlock of the threads and the ratchet teeth on the underside of the head help prevent the anchor from loosening in vibratory conditions. The Titen HD anchor has been tested to 12.6 million vibratory cycles with no performance reductions. 
  • Less Spacing and Edge Distance Required: The Titen HD anchor does not exert expansion forces on the base material. This means greater placement flexibility because anchors can be placed closer to each other or closer to the edge of the base material while maintaining performance. 
  • Proprietary Heat Treating Process: Creates superior surface hardness for cutting into the hardest of base materials, while at the same time maintaining the anchor’s ductility. 
  • Full Body Diameter: The diameter of the anchor body is equal to the nominal diameter of the anchor. That means that the body of a 16mm Titen HD is a full 16mm. This gives the Titen HD anchor higher shear values than other products which are often undersized. It also allows the Titen HD to be installed with commonly used metric drill bits. 
  • Easy Post-Installation Inspection: The head is stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie “=/ ” sign and the anchor diameter and length in mm. 


Holes in metal fi xtures to be mounted should match the diameter range specifi ed in the table.

Note Caution: Oversized holes in the base material will reduce or eliminate the mechanical interlock of the threads with the base material and will reduce the anchor’s load capacity. Use a Titen HD screw anchor one time only. Installing the anchor multiple times may result in excessive thread wear and reduce load capacity.

  • Drill a hole in the base material using a carbide drill bit the same diameter as the nominal diameter of the anchor to be installed. Drill the hole to the specified drill hole depth to allow the thread tapping dust to settle and blow it clean using compressed air. Overhead installations need not be blown clean. Alternatively, drill the hole deep enough to accommodate embedment depth and dust from drilling and tapping. 
  • Insert the anchor through the fixture and into the hole. 
  • Tighten the anchor into the base material until the hex washer head contacts the fixture. 
  • If the anchor will not install completely, remove the anchor and assure that all dust has been evacuated or drill the hole deeper. Begin re-installation of the anchor by hand to prevent crossthreading. 
  • Do not use impact wrenches to install into hollow CMU. 

Hole Dimensions

Installation Sequence

Titen HD® Anchor Product Data - Zinc Plated

Titen HD Anchor Product Data

Titen HD Anchor Product Data - Mechanically Galvanized

Titen HD Anchor Product Data - Mechanically Galvanized

Titen HD® Anchor Product Data
Carbon steel, zinc plated1) and mechanically galvanizing2)

Titen HD® Anchor Product Data

  1. Zinc plating meets ASTM B633, SC1. 
  2. Mechanical galvanizing meets ASTM B695, Class 65, Type 1 (Minimum thickness of 65 microns zinc coating. Not for use in highly corrosive or outdoor environments. 
  3. Length is measured from the underside of the head to the tip of the anchor. 
  4. Other sizes available in MG finish by special order, contact Simpson Strong-Tie for details. 
  5. MG finish ETA approval pending. 

Carbon Steel, zinc plated and mechanically galvanized

Recommended loads for single anchors with no infl uencing edge distances or spacings. Loads are calculated using partial safety factors from ETAG 001 and the characteristic anchor and installation data from this fl yer. Design calculations shall follow the requirements of ETA -12/0060.

Carbon Steel, zinc plated and mechanically galvanized

Carbon Steel, zinc plated and mechanically galvanized

Installed Anchor:

Installed anchor 

  1. The recommended loads have been calculated using the partial safety factors for resistances stated in the ETA-approval and an partial safety factor for actions of YF = 1.4. The
    recommended loads are valid for unreinforced concrete and reinforced concrete with a rebar spacing s ≥ 15 cm and reinforced concrete with a rebar spacing s ≥ 10 cm if the rebar Ø =
    10 mm or smaller.
  2. The recommended shear loads are based on a single anchor without infl uencing concrete edges. For shear loads applied close to an edge (c < max [10 hef , 60 d]) concrete edge faliure
    must be checked per ETAG 001, Annex C, design method A.
  3. Concrete is considered non-cracked when the tensile stress within the concrete is σL + σR ≤ 0. In the absence of detailed verifi cation σR = 3 N/mm² can be assumed (σL equates the
    tensile stress within the concrete as a result of external loads, forces on anchors included).
  4. If spacings or edge distances become smaller than the characteristic values (i.e. s ≤ scr,N and/or c ≤ ccr,N) a calculation per ETAG 001, Annex C, design method A must be
    performed. For details see ETA-12/0060.
    5) An impact screw driver is recommended for the installation.

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